House Rules

We’d love to welcome you and make you enjoy your stay in Soulful Apartments. In order to make sure all our guests have a great positive and friendly experience and everything is kept safe and clean, below are our House Rules which are based on the industry standards.

Check in and out

Please note that early check-in is offered based on the availability of the apartament. In case there’s a possibility for an early arrival, please contact the front desk in order to check if the apartment is vacant and possible to prepare for an earlier check-in.

No parties and events

Our apartments are located in residential buildings. Families who live there value tranquility and seek a pleasant relaxing atmosphere, just like our guests. With that being said, loud parties and events are in contradiction to the established noise regulations and rules for residential dwellings.

No smoking

We’ve put a lot of effort into making our apartments lovely places for relaxation and recreation. Unfortunately, the cigarette-smoke residue lingers in furniture long after your stay - something which we’d really wish to avoid. We can’t forbid you to smoke but we kindly ask you to use the terrace when smoking.

Not suitable for pets

We’re also very fond of pets and love the joy they bring. Unfortunately, this joy goes hand in hand with the little fellows playing with the soft furnishing and other interior elements. This usually results in scratch marks and damage which would make the experience of the guests after you not very pleasant.

Have Questions?

In case you have any questions regarding our apartments or the accommodation procedure, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are available at any time.

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